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CDMX saves 200 million pesos in medicines

Consolidated purchase of medicines for the sector health from Mexico City it has saved 200 million pesos.

Within the glow of the first government report, members Health Commission congress the locals received a secretary, Olivia Lopez.

Among the officers ’main issues were delivery medicines. electronic cigarettes and advance payment of the budget.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Lourdes Paz, Lizette Clavel, Martha Soledad Ávila, Guadalupe Aguilar, Gabriela Salido and Legislator Carlos Hernández.

Deputy Lizette Clavel asked about a unique clinical file. Deputy Martha Soledad Ávila, of brunette, questioned the results after approval by all company departments health nationally to improve the supply of drugs.

Deputy Guadalupe Aguilar Solache requested detailed information on the treatment of mental illness.

He also asked to coordinate with health federal about the alert it issued National Institute of Respiratory Diseases about serious damage to lungs by electronic cigarettes.

"I would like to inform you that on 24 September I tabled a legislative initiative where the use of electronic cigarettes and vapors is generally prohibited"he emphasized.

Secretariat replies

In response, Health Minister Olivia López announced the construction of a Health Center with a conceptual and architectural medical model that will have integrative medicine.

"… savings of 200 million pesos have been achieved, since the subordinated purchase, as well as the institutional capacities lost so far, will take time to rebuild these institutional capacities."he pointed out.

on electronic cigarettes, said the health alert from the National Respiratory Institute is spreading.

He said it was a supply to this day medicines went from 30 percent to 90 percent.

The local system has 207 outpatient centers, 17 specialty clinics, 32 hospitals, 10 mobile units (known as Health Caravans), as well as a subsystem of medical care in prisons and doctors.

She reported investment 100 million pesos in infrastructure construction and improvement; in which 12 is expanded Health centers and the remediation capacity is strengthened.

The Topilejo Maternal and Children's Hospital was demolished, and instead a General Hospital was built to house 30 beds and provide basic specialty care.

Between January and August, 2.3 million external consultations were provided; 1.6 million general counseling, 500 thousand specialized counseling – including mental health advice -, 264 thousand dental consultations, 433 ambulances, 75 thousand hospital discharges, 43 thousand surgical interventions and 22 thousand births attended.

Written by: Manuel Durán


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