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Chicharito goes through late adolescence and recognizes he has got 6 kilograms

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández He left his current affairs uncovered, which was sharply criticized and indicated that he lived the way he wanted, no matter what he would say, what changed since he entered his life Diego Dreyfus, your couch.

Chicharito will be Youtuber? Chicharito is fat ?, Chicharito leaves football? through the video, from the attacker West Ham in a quiet way and next to the couch, put some questions on the table, especially react to criticism They showed it for several weeks.

Hernández He admitted giving information about his life very energetic way such as his style, it was something that was extracted from the context, but at the same time he can not say, "I have no money, I was not successful, I have no glory because I would lie."

Glory, money and achievements they are not all about Javier and since tapatio realized those points, he was convinced he began to enjoy other things in life, but always without losing focus.

"I've grown a lot inside, I love myself and that's why there have been several changes abroad," the football player said if it was not like now, that's because I was afraid to be alone.

"I was afraid, I wanted to do other things, I felt that, but I did not dare and I played a game, be in the comfort zone and follow the rules".

In the middle of conversation, Dreyfus asked Hernandez to feel in the middle late adolescence, due to a series of reflective attitudes, such as painting your hair.

"Yes, I was before I met you and I'm working right now with you (Diego). I'm not on my way anymore, but it was a crisis and I said I wanted to try, I want to feel, why not? The decisions I made as dye my hair they did not affect my life in any way, that if I wear different clothes, if I use social networks I'm shattered, no, that's superficial and did not affect anyone. "


In recent weeks, Javier's social networking photos have revealed a slight increase in weight because of the vacation he had in Italy, where he enjoyed it.

"Yes, I got six kilos, right now I've already fallen on fiveand I have to drop one and still have a week of rest, "he said.

Do you want to remove it?

"No. I know this is before later, but not," said Hernández, but also admitted that other interests are currently playing football.

"I was not for the money, I was there at some point, but because they tell you – you have to earn more if you do not have a relationship – how will you earn more in the small business, and I played that game?" Today I play for football love and enjoy this process, And if I do not do well, I will be happy because it does not define me as a human being. Today, my life is all the more and more I like, because I dared to live. For this is my blog, I want to show you who I am, with light and shadow, because a human being should not be defined with his money, success, glory or play. "

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