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Cops Killed Hostage at Banamex de Pachuca | Video

"Bring me the whole world, I want Trump here. Trump and Lopez, your mother's fucking mother," demanded the guy carrying a gun and a machete.

Municipal police have killed a man armed with a handgun and a machete who entered a city branch Citibanamex in Pachuca and took customers and employees hostage require, among other things, to speak with the Presidents of the United States and Mexico, Donald Trump and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The events happened at about 1.30pm at the bank office located at 100 I. Francisco I. Madero Ave. the central colony from the capital of Hidalgo. He carried the object handgun in the right hand and machete on his left he also carried a white bag in which, he said, he carried explosives.

"Bring me the whole world. I want Trump here. Trump and Lopez"Your mother's son, son," said the man inside the branch, threatening the officer as he searched for something in a bag where he allegedly carried explosives.

In another video spread on social media, a man is seen in front of state police asking him to wait. The subject says: "I'm not coming because of Pachuca, or Mexico. I'm coming because of the whole world".

Municipal police spoke to him, but two were shot and other agents killed him, local media reported criterion, Pachuca Mayor Yolanda Tellería confirmed this state police were wounded tries to control the topic via a message on his Twitter account.

"Protecting citizens in any situation is our responsibility. We recognize the elements of our police that confronted the person who expose the Pachuqueños people to risk"The elements that have been violated in this confrontation have already been taken care of," he wrote.


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