Saturday , September 18 2021

Diario Extra – Laura Bozzo is surprised by the followers with a photo in a swimsuit


Famous television presenter Laura Bozzo surprised her followers in the social network with the photo she appeared in her swimsuit.

According to New York Daily, hosted "Laure in America" ​​has released a release on Instagram and the picture is being watched in the pool facing the sea.

"Finally, in Acapulco, the hell of Mexico, I'm very happy here, blessing," he wrote.

Immediately a dozen of his followers filled out the commentary, some criticized him, and others filled him with praise.

"How beautiful you are a beautiful lady," "Beautiful, simply beautiful," "The good thing you are a happy lady," are some of the comments that are being watched.

Even so, Bozzo took the time to answer some of his fans.

"I'm kidding and trying not to strive for diets", "As you will understand, I've been through the worst, but I'm stronger than ever because of love for people and faith in God, I always say that God is with me who is against me, are the answers of the leaders of their followers.

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