Thursday , February 25 2021

DLAR price today Friday, January 15, 2021; exchange rate

He Mexican peso during this Friday, January 15, it is operating stably against the US dollar s exchange rate of 19.6881 pesos per dollar.

The coin Mexicana was bought at 19.4353 and sold at 19.941 weight, according to the main averages.

He Mexican peso and the stock market won hand-in-hand with other financial markets globally on Thursday, while investors expected details of the incoming president’s economic stimulus plan later in the day OUR, Joe Biden.

The property also benefited from the president’s comments Federal ReserveJerome Powell about the central bank soon failing to raise interest rates, which pushed it off dlar.

Weight is estimated at 0.84%

At the end of the close, the domestic currency was trading at a price of 19.6720 per dollar. PHOTO: Especially

The coin locally traded at 19.6720 per dlar towards the end of the session, with a gain of 0.84% ​​compared to 19.8392 pesos Reuters reference price on Wednesday.

Analysts’ reports say support for reviving the world’s largest economy will be proposed Congress an elected US president could be between 1.5 and 2 billion hands.

“He market assumes a high probability of approving the said plan, before the legislative majority of Democrats, ”Ve Por Ms said in a report.

Meanwhile, the reference stock index S & P / BMW IPC it increased by 0.72% to 46,070.91 points, with a volume of 194.1 million ttulos operated. Square broke a three-game losing streak.

Featured Advanced from 6.66% to 12.17 pesos of shares of cement giant Cemex, amid expectations that stimuli in the United States will launch plans for infrastructure.

The cement, one of the largest in the world, reported on Wednesday that it plans to amortize the total arrears of older insured banknotes with 7.750% coupons and a maturity date of 2026.

On the market debt, performance good The ten-year rate rose by one basis point to 5.38%, while the 20-year rate brought 6.50%.

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