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Dollar grows up to 20.65 pesos – NSS Oaxaca

Mexico City (November 20, 2018) .- At the end of the dollar, the dollar trading at 20.65 pesos for sale and 19.80 pesos on the purchase, 20 cents more than last Friday, due to the collapse in oil prices and pressures from the US trade shock against China.

Wholesale, US currency increased the price from 32.70 cents to 20.4245 for sale. While on the global Forex or Forex market, advanced 0.67 percent, to 96.836 points.

In this context, oil prices fell by 6.59 percent in West Texas Intermediate and 6.38 percent in Brent.

On a day, Prime Minister Donald Trump's announcement, in which he suggests raising export controls on artificial intelligence, microprocessor technology and robotics technology, has kept nervousness in the markets due to a possible escalation in a trade war between China and China. EU.

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) Javier Guzman announced locally that it might be necessary to increase the reference rate in the short term, a fact that reduced national currency losses, according to Banco Base experts.

However, the S & P BMV / IPC Mexican Stock Exchange lost 1.23 percent as a result of the external environment and the nervousness of public policies that the next federal government might carry out

Elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans to hold public consultations in which there are concerns that issues related to public finances may be put on the vote, which would increase the risk of falling Mexican credit rating and its once, this would increase the risk premium that investors are looking for to keep spending in the country, warned a financial company.

In the main stocks of the world there was also a dominant fear, which manifested itself in significant falls.

In the United States, Dow Jones had 2.21 percent, Standard & Poor's, 1.82 percent, and Nasdaq, 1.70 percent.

Meanwhile, in the Eurozone, Euro Stoxx lost 1.40 percent to 3,000 116.07 units.


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