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"Even my rival gay"

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Many artists from the middle of the show and music are crowned as Gay Queens in Mexico City. Some challenged controversy like Danna Paola (who was crowned at age 16) or Gloria Trevi (who has not been proud of 2005).

This year, we have chosen one of the most controversial social media directors: Galileo Montijo.

"You do not have to give people the attention they deserve, and if someone has a belief, you do not have to become a part of the problem." You have to learn not to discriminate, "Montijo said at a press conference.

For Galilee, sexual diversity has never been a problem because, he says, he has always talked about different forms of love in the world.

"I'm surrounded by people from the gay community, I have friends who are part of it, and I support them for years." Talenat comes in the jugs, even my partner is part of the community and I'm not shocked, "he said.

Despite the guilds' claims for the traditional family, Gay Queen 2019 has said that homosexuality is not a disease or epidemic, but something that is born.

"I have a young son and it is obvious to him that it is difficult to understand the reality of society, but I'm trying to explain that there are different people who are never afraid," he says.

The driver paraded with the Pride of the Pride.

"There are times when my son says," Mom, are my gods like men? "Answer:" Of course, there are people who love differently. "We do not have to close, but to help children understand love."

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