Wednesday , June 23 2021

Ex-governor Eugenio Hernández was transferred to federal prison

Special security measures, former Governor Tamaulipas Eugenio Hernández, who is still facing the extradition process to the United States for money laundering, was transferred to federal jail.

This was confirmed by Tamaulipas's spokeswoman for security, Luis Alberto Rodríguez, at Milenio Televisión.

About 20 hours an exterminator was taken out of the Cedes sanctioning center into federal prison. Although media reports, such as the Reform newspaper, suggest that Hernández was taken to the Altiplano Penitentiary in Mexico, the Tamaulipas authorities did not reveal their fate for security reasons.

The Texas County District Court in Texas claims Eugenio Hernández and his owl Manuel Gómez Guerra to allegedly be responsible for designing and executing "a few cabs for money laundering by Tamaulipas government, former fake contracts" between 2005 and May 2015.

Following the arrest of the former governor in October 2017, the US Embassy in Mexico sent diplomatic note 17-3953, signed by Minister William H. Duncan, and requested the closure of Tamaulipas SRE.

The North American research argued that Hernandez Flores Gomez Guerra was helping out businessman Guillermo Flores Cordero, and more people created the front companies and opened bank accounts in the Texas valley. They forged the documents they gave to the National Bank and the Lone Star Bank of Comerse.

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