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Fey celebrates love in her full glory during the LGBTT Pride in March 2019

"We will celebrate love in its fullness," he said damned give the flag Arcoiris to March 40 Pride LBGTTTI + in the angel of independence with you as well Pepe and Teo, Tefy de Sedúceme's wife, Jonas Vloggers and more

The singer "Subidón" offered a concert to the whole community to celebrate love and respect among all human beings.

In the rhythm of "Muéto" the singer began to turn his fans without stopping the repetition "Today is a day to love us". Everyone started jumping and waving theirs flags of pride while successes such as "Cold" and "Popocatépetl" put energy at one hundred percent. During the song, Fey clearly expressed his support to the community.

– It's our day, everything goes today. I feel very excited that there are families of all kinds with girls and boys. I believe there is only one gender here for all, human beings who love and respect us and enjoy this experience of living. Truly, let's see in the mirror that they never condemn us. That's what life is about to get excited, so we come to the planet to know how to love it, "he said.

The interpreter did not miss the opportunity to remember how happy she was for the second time in a march and interpreted her favorite songs of the audience "Media Naranja", "Cats on the Balcony", "Under the Long", "Saturday Fever" and ended with a song that most singing to the band's present: "Bitter Sugar", which reminded of the importance of this day.

With posters claiming respect for their rights, the participants started their tour after Fey's concert. Avenue Paseo de la Reforma He left the color of the sidewalk, he was colored with thousands of colors all over the place where he was looking, and the car was forgotten when the dance and the shouts of pride began to look like Angel of Independence to Zocal,

Karim fromAcapulco Shore " greeted her fans and sent kisses from her allegory car like a comedian Manuna. On the other hand, the other La Drama team signed t-shirts, notebooks, among other things of their followers who screamed them as much as they liked them and enjoyed them.

March 40, LBGTT Pride will close the concert where Esteman, Aristemo, Torreblanc, Pambo will be presented and closing the event, María León, a former singer from Limbo Beach


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