Tuesday , January 19 2021

Fraga and Ventura succeeded in Mexico

"How little or a lot" their bull, like Enrique Fraga, a breeder, said Diego Ventura, he learned how much Ghost has, a good bull with a great presence and a great game that Lusitanian rejoiner has been mounted on Bombón, a noble armed who made a fortune half and set the rejones punishment.

He continued his performance in the Sueño Shadows to carry out the battle of the bulls on the chest across the circle and put the bandagers on luck. With Gitan he made a fortune of a violin that exchanged two ornaments twice and then switched to his star, called Dollar, to raise his hands with banderillas, no bills, and only with his horse on his horse, and finally drove Toronjo who put short flags in the fate of "roses" and when he was ready to use death, the lines were filled with white handcuffs, and the judge, without much thought, gave pardon.

Thus, the Portuguese rejoinder and the breeder of Michoacan gave the victorious return to the arena between the main course and popular satisfaction.

With the opening, Ventura was equally beautifully driven by Jaguar, Oro, Colombo and Toronjo, but he made a mistake with the deadly rejoining and clapped.

Meanwhile, Enrique Ponce faced Done Luis, who had a controversial boost and had a great moment on his right and changed his finger at him, realized the destiny of his invention, Poncino, fell slightly to receive the ear after the majority request, which protested at the time of reception. In another, boring and unclear, he insisted on trying to get rid of work without much achievement, and his work was silenced.

As for Octavio García el Payo, he had no luck with his party. His first bullshit and no gear, but crashed by Eador Morales, practically did not leave him and quietly retired.

On the seventh celebration he started well, but when he finished the round on the right he hit and suffered goring and was taken to the ambulance where he did not leave; Ponce killed that bull and heard the applause.

Benjamin's celebration, Luis David Adame, was changing with his mantle and intending to balance his silence and his palms after delivery last afternoon.

Gustavo Campos and Héctor García were excellent at setting up the bandwagon and young César Daniel Morales after an excellent pujazo.

For the next Sunday, the company announced Ignacio Garibay in the fall of the ring Sebastian Castella and Diego Silveti who will have to deal with specimens of La Estancia.

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