Thursday , January 28 2021

Heaven also cried for Valeria Medel

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Minatitlán.- Valeria, a young woman who shook her heart House of Representatives, he left forever from the south Veracruz, the land that he saw to be born.

The life of a daughter Federal Representative Carmen Medel He traveled between Ciudad Mendoza, Minatitlán and Coatzacoalcos, the same region as his stretcher He traveled on Friday and Saturday between the applause, anger and sorrow of those who knew him.

In a discreet religious ceremony – in keeping with the great view police and maritime affairs– the remains of a university student who would graduate as a doctor for a month, followed the family tradition, left behind by the blessing Catholic Church

It was his family, his friends, the church where he listened to the crowd and the places where he dreamed, where he wanted to practice an anesthesiologist to avoid the pain of people.

From Ciudad Mendoza, in the central mountain area and where he studied, passing through the Minatitlán oilfield, until his arrival in the Coatzacoalcos, her beloved are remembered as a happy woman, always ahead.

At 12 o'clock, the transitional procession left Cristo Rey awake, where it was covered and dozens of politicians, including the elected governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, federal deputies and city councilors.

Surrounded by a strong security device involving more than 30 elements of the State Police and navy secretary, the coffin has traveled several streets of Minatitlan, and behind the coach of dozens of cars of his friends, relatives and supporters of a match in which his mother militates.

At 12.20am, the body of the young woman from Veracruz was received by the pastor Guillermo de los Santos. The last goodbye to Valeria was given to her in the church of Cristo Rey, the same one she visited in her mother's life, Dr. Carmen.

"Brothers, we gathered in this painful moment to confess to our sister Valeria our faith, that our life does not end with the grave," said the priest.

Hundreds of Minatitlani citizens and other localities came to the Church who came to express their condolences to the doctor who was always on the sidelines, caring for the daughter until the last moment.

Music and songs in the Kerigma chorus were followed by the mass of the present body, where the parish priest invited to join the prayer so that the violence would end and finally peace would come to Veracruz's families.

In that sense, he recalled that it was difficult for his parents to say goodbye to their children. "No words," he begged, so he asked his friends to be closer than ever to Valeri's family, because it would only comfort the pain of that loss.

"We are in a difficult moment, we are gathered to be the last to forgive. True friends are at the moment of pain," said a priest who daily raises prayers in an area tortured by kidnappings and murders.

Cuitláhuac García and the next carrier of energy, Rocío Nalhe, also attended the temple with large paintings and religious paintings. In the presence of them and dozens of sorrows, the priest called, "Let peace be in our community, in our country, and in our country."

Finally, a few minutes before the afternoon, the procession went to the crematorium at Coatzacoalcos. It was an intimate ceremony. "Even the sky is sad," said a family friend when he saw Valeria last time, as the rain fell.

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