Sunday , January 24 2021

How to avoid getting COVID in public transport in CDMX?

This Thursday, the Secretary of Mobility of the City of Mexico City, Andres Lajous, attended an evening report by the Ministry of Health (SSA) and pointed out how they can avoid it COVID-19 infections in public transport.

During a press conference, from the National Palace, an official We are He outlined the detailed actions taken by CDMX in the face of the COVID pandemic. And it showed how mobility in the city during National Healthy Distance Day. In addition, he compared the numbers with those measured up to this Thursday.

In that sense, Lajous said that a healthy distance is privileged, the use of antibacterial gel and clumps is avoided. But special emphasis is placed on reducing user waiting times. For example, in Metro collective transport system and in MinibusThey tried to have more cars in operation.

But can you really avoid infection with COVID in public transport?, a valid examination, especially given the increase in cases in CDMX. Well, according to the clerk, yes. As long as the measurements are followed.

As long as the masks are worn on public transportation, keep quiet, keep the windows open. And if the hands are cleaned before and after, travel can be a relatively small risk (because of COVID), ”Lajous said.

Also, the owner We are He admitted that the biggest challenge was during the “rush hour”. According to what he suggested, if there are a lot of people in the Metrobús wagon or truck, wait for the next one. Thus, the risk of COVID-19 infection is further reduced.

Are ‘wagon drivers’ not wearing a COVID mask sanctioned?

Although the general orientation when traveling to CDMX Metro There was “don’t shout, don’t sing and don’t talk” to avoid transmitting COVID-19, many users don’t respect that. And some have even expressed concern about street vendors (“wagoneros”) not wearing masks.

During this period, we cooperated with the subway store. There is also a very significant reduction (street vendors). People who are committed to it are praying to use a mask, “Lajous said this Thursday. But he did not talk about concrete sanctions against those who work for it.

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