Monday , January 25 2021

Is your iPhone X display missing? Apple will fix it for free


IPhone X. Display

Sarah Tew / CNET

When iPhone X Last year, Apple entered a new era for Apple phones. The company released the launcher and replaced the new unlock feature named Face ID and used a newer and more sophisticated screen type OLED for its screen. It turns out that some of the new screens that Apple offered on iPhone X had a faulty part that, when it failed, made the screen stop to be broken or did not respond to the touch. In a note published on Friday at the Apple website, the company also said that the screen could even answer when you did not touch it.

If something similar has happened, Apple wants to look for an authorized agent, arrange a meeting at the nearby Apple Store or contact the technical teams of the company that will assess the phone. Apple says that if iPhone X meets the repair program requirements, it will swap the screen for free.

In general, Apple offers a simple way of recognizing if you can have a faulty part, such as a series of serial numbers, though this time it was not. The company also did not give more details about how many iPhones believed they might have been affected, although it said there were no other iPhone models that were part of the announced repair program. The company did not respond to CNET comments on Friday night.

This is not the first time Apple has offered a repair program for its phones. In September, the company said the "very small percentage" of the device with the iPhone 8 had faulty boards that caused them to unexpectedly launch, freeze or turn off the screen. In February, the company said a small percentage of iPhone 7 devices contained a faulty part that could cause the phone to tell people there is no mobile service when it was in fact.

In addition, Apple also announced Friday that it will offer repairs for a limited number of its 13-inch MacBook Pro models that they sold between June 2017 and June 2018, and the company said it might have defective storage chips. , known as SSD.

In that case, Apple says that people can enter their serial number on their website in a special way to make sure they qualify. If so, the company invites users to check their computers because the faulty part can fail and cause data loss.

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