Monday , June 14 2021

Mexico adds another five medals to the JCC after doping tests

The Mexican delegation has added five medals to its medals at mid-American and Caribbean games at Barranquilla 2018, after doping tests that were tested positive to some of their rivals at the afore-mentioned fair.

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Francisco Pasquelli stayed with horse-drawn gold in a single leap; Alberto Sánchez will keep the silver medal in the single jump event; Salvador Oñate will receive two bronze medals, one in the equestrian sailing, and another in a single jump and Andrés Olivares will remain with the last bronze in a 20-kilometer test.

With that medal, Mexico adds a total of 133 gold, 119 silver and 94 bronze medals during historic participation in Barranquilla 2018.

"It should be noted that thanks to information, prevention and supervision of the Mexican Mexican medical service, Champion XXIII. The American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla 2018 came out clean and with no adverse analytical results"reported the Mexican Olympic Committee through a statement published in social networks.

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