Wednesday , March 3 2021

Morena suggests and freezes bankruptcy commission initiatives

The initiative announced early on the Senate website, ban on banks charging some commissions, one of its main sources of revenue, caused the noise in the morning and afternoon of this quarter, which caused the shares of the said banks to show a significant drop.

The initiative presented the klapa Morena in the Senate, with Ricardo Monreal and Bertha Alicia Caraveo, and after the noon was transferred to the Finance Committee.

Given the nervousness that existed in the markets and lobbying the representatives of the financial groups, hours later, Monreal himself, after the latter's request, said that he accepted the hearing of the unions and clarified that the initiative would not be approved until the proposals of the sector.

"It will not affect anyone, we will act responsibly. Do not be nervous either on banks or on the stock market," the legislator said in the afternoon.

Officials called their "alarming and over-abusive" abuse to their banks. Morena has suggested that there are three to eighteen years of appearance that would prohibit the payment of bank charges. Ricardo Monreal has informed that the reform will not be approved at the current regular session that will end on the last day of the current year.

On the other hand, legislator Ricardo Monreal Avila said that, despite the pressures, the reform would be completed and will not pass ten years ago when he promoted similar legal changes that failed.


Nervousness was not lower. Much of the bank's revenue comes from fees. In 2017, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Protection of Financial Services Users (Condusef), commercial banks received 108,000 million pesos for this concept. The agency says the Mexican banking sector recorded 5,310 commissions. In fact, this body, which Mario Di Costanzo still leads today, a few months ago, thought that banks had a place to reduce their commissions to customers.

Morena's initiative, presented by Senator Alicia Caraveo in the gallery, based on information provided by Condusef, that banking in Mexico occupies third place in Latin America for the recognition of higher profits than the total revenue charges commission to its clients. (With the data of Rolando Ramos and Alberta Molina)

Important income

The tags from Condusse reveal that in 2017 the bank's entry fee amounted to 108,000 million pesos, which is 8% more than in 2016. Most of these, 75.103 million, come from approved loans.

And within approved credit products, it is the credit card that earns the highest commissions income from 62,596 million pesos (83% of total commissions received for all credit products).

"Anuity payment (credit card) represents 25% of banking income in credit," says Condusef.

The rest of the revenue from the collections of commissions comes from terms such as deposits and services and other indefinite rates.

For Mario Di Costanzo, President Condusef, there are suggestions that no bank fees are payable except in three cases: one who is not charged with a credit card loan because it is required to stay less on the street; suspension of a moratorium interest for five days, as it would encourage the culture of non-payment and to be verified.

It would also be official to ban the commissioning of some commissions to other non-bank intermediaries such as Sofomes, Sofipos, Credit Associations and Savings Banks, as they are very high.

As for Morena's initiative in the Senate to ban the collection of certain commissions, the Mexican Banking Association (ABM) has announced that it will analyze the content of the project in order to identify its scope, identify its possible implications and dialogue with the actors. relevant.

In a short statement, the union's body has ratified its commitment to providing the best service and offering the best products to its customers.

He stressed that coordinated action with regulatory bodies and legislators is crucial to enhancing transparency and information for their users, the products and services they offer, in order to further enhance the competition environment in favor of customers and users.

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