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Necaxa and Chivas tied in the night of mistakes and wagons

chivas and Necaxa they had a crazy Saturday to tie 3-3 Victoria Stadium with what rays they were rescued undefeated at the last moment, while the tapatije defeated in the black night for two locals.

Herd He succeeded in leaving a series of two consecutive victories without finishing, but he ended up prolonging when he was equal in 94 minutes after he recovered at the traffic light and rose twice.

Team José Saturnino Cardozo is ready to face it now satin in another release Classic Tapatío.

An authentic black night was this Saturday for Ventura Alvarado, who made his own goal and scored a penalty shoot-out Sepúlveda he was severely punished by a 3: 1 penalty rays and instead of burying chivas In the end, he gave oxygen to turn the result, though they were eventually saved and tied.

Who had a good night was Brian Fernández making the two goals of hydrocalidosis.

Herd Domestic assailants and in minute 4 there was a danger in the naked eye Necaxa. Alexis Vega received within the area and when they want to define a local goalkeeper, Hugo González He used the opportunity from Athletic striker.

Necaxa he also replied Brian He sent the first warning that he would have a great night when he shoots from the distance, even though he is a goalkeeper, Raúl Gudiño, he redefined it.

The table is open 27 & # 39; for your own goal Ventura Alvarado, who wanted to clean the head center Vega, but he ended up putting it in his goal.

Cristian Calderón He wanted to equalize the 33 'with a strong left foot kick that bounced off the goal.

Already in the second half, Fernández tied to 51 's left foot when he came to the left, making up the wall Martín Barragán and shoot Gudin for 1-1.

Carlos Cisneros he wanted to put 2-1 at 58 & # 39; with another shot from the rifle that diverted him González.

Necaxa he used the spotlight with an authentic goal Fernández, who left behind at 60 Miguel Ponce i a Dieter Villalpando, but in this area Jesús Molina to make a strong blow impossible Gudin for hydrolysis 2-1.

The minute 73 was marked as a penalty in favor Necaxa hand Jair Pereira, which is 3-1 for them, but Sepúlveda gave him the ball Gudin give life to tapatíosu.

Luck changed it chivas and 80's was a criminal for Guadalajara hand Alvarado, which was one minute later Alan Pulido to 2-2.

chivas he continued to try and 88 & # 39 ;, Ronaldo Cisneros the ball was found in the area and was placed 3-2, which seemed to win Guadalajara, but Carlos Guzmán He led 3-3 to 94 to distribute points at Aguascalientes.

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