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Nintendo says it does not censor any video game with "content for adults"

It has recently been discovered Nintendo will continue to support developers of video games and will not impose rules that restrict the content that can be displayed in video games.

Nintendo says it does not censor any video game

President Nintendo. Shuntaro Furukawa, responded to several questions during the shareholders' meeting regarding abuse policies Sony with sexual content shown in video games.

Furukawa it's discovered Nintendo will not limit or censor video games created by third parties. If there is a risk that a child can visualize adult content, there is a parental control function.

Furukawa confirmed that politics Sony they only hurt diversity in the video game industry, arbitrarily choosing which video games can be released, inspires a culture of censorship.

He also discovered a release Press that reads as follows:

Nintendo, as well as a third party in its software, receives third-party organizations rating before the release. If the platforms are chosen arbitrarily, diversity and fairness in video games will be significantly affected. We offer parental controls that can set limits. "

Since last year we have seen how many titles had to go through significant changes that will be released Playstation 4harms users.

Industry in general, including Nintendo and Xbox, they are against politics Sony which only censor the developers.

hopefully Sony Think of the harm your policies are causing and removing them.

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