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No medication for chronic patients

Nuevo Casas Grandes.- Although the health sector of chronic degenerative disease is considered the leading cause of death for older adults, to date, people with this type of illness are unable to obtain medicines to control them, given the lack of them.
The head of the Fifth Health Authority, Alma Rosa Valles Martínez, said that to date, the health sector does not have medicines to treat conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, because of a situation beyond its reach.
In this regard, he added that a federal procedure is under way to bid for this type of medication, hence the lack thereof, which is generally sought by people in general, older adults who face this type of health problems.
After recognizing that some keys to medication were missing, he said that at the jurisdictional level, the range remains at about 88 percent.
In this regard, he explained that the Fifth Sanitary Jurisdiction covers the communities of the municipalities of Buenaventura, Galeana, Nuevo Casas Grandes, Casas Grandes, Janos and Ascensión, through the 14 health modules established therein.
The warehouse added that the drug's existence is at 76 percent.
As for the choice of prescriptions, he mentioned that 77 percent of the drugs were insured.
"The downside is precisely because there are no keys, such as those mentioned for the care of patients with chronic degenerative diseases," he said at the end.

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