Wednesday , January 27 2021

Nuevo León reported 514 cases of dengue [Estados] – 11.10.2018

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- During 2018, 514 cases of Dengue were reported in Nuevo León, of which 300 were classic and 214 hemorrhages, for which health authorities in the state took measures to prevent disease.

Head of the Nuevo Leon Health Ministry, Manuel de la Cavazos, led the fumigation campaign in the neighborhood of Dos Ríos in Guadeloupe.

Antitrust and fumigation campaigns are also used to prevent Zika and Chikungunya cases.

The clerk walked through the colony streets and explained to the neighbors the measures to avoid the proliferation of the transferring mosquito.

"We're going home from home to convince them and explain the importance of keeping their homes" De la O Cavazos, at the same time emphasizing the importance of washing, covering and throwing containers of water that can become spaces for mosquito breeding.

He discovered that Zika cases, there is only one and chikungunya, no one.

De la Cavazos has asked citizens to cooperate with preventative measures.

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