Saturday , June 19 2021

Paola Rojas enjoys her bachelor and is swimming in a bikini

After the communicator Paola Rojas will confirm that she is herself and to "return to the market", it does left behind the difficult situation he faced after the leak video intimate "zague".

Paola Rojas shared her account with the Instagram account pictures where he looks happy and with a look of envy.

Recently a communicator uploaded a video to his social network where you will see it exercising snorkel, with black bikini flowers with flowers and stars in their hands.

The video follows the phrase: "It fell into my hands and we played together together, very happy at sea."

immediately theirs fans They told her how good she was and what woman she was authorized.

"Paola, you look like a very beautiful, intelligent woman and an example of an authorized Mexican woman."

"You are a woman's beauty and what a beautiful body you have."

The video already has over 55,000 reproduction.


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