Monday , June 14 2021

People hospitalized for Edgardo Codesal are seeking blood donors

It was reported that Edgardo Codesal was hospitalized to seek blood donors, a former judge being hospitalized at a hospital south of Mexico City.

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Codesal was a former Uruguayan whistle of birth, but naturalized in Mexican, was responsible for directing the final in the World Cup in Italy 90 between Germany and Argentina, where he achieved a controversial criminal for the benefit of "Mannschaft", also headed by the Arbitration Commission in the country.

After having retired as a whistle, Codesal assumed important positions within the Arbitration Union, managed to be the chairman of the Arbitration Commission and the technical director of the same branch office, who resigned in January 2017.

Through twitter accounts of the Mexican Association of Arbiters, he requested any blood donors for Edgardo Codesal. Until now, the health status of the former whistle is unknown and according to information published by ESPN, the Codesal family preferred to reserve information and only said it was sensitive.


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