Friday , June 18 2021

PlayStation Classic uses a free PC emulator to launch its games

Sony influenced the world by announcing it PlayStation Classic, the re-release of the classic model in 1994, and over the last few weeks all its news is news. The company is aware of the great expectations of this project and has already sent consulates to various international media to test them and give their opinion about it.

As published Kotaku and DOSG, this console uses an open source emulator PCSX ReArmed, the latest version of PCSX that was originally created for PCs in 2000. This software is freely available to everyone from the web site and Sony will use it to recreate its 20 announced games.

According to Kotaku's analysis of the console, the portal states this"It is not guaranteed that such a plug-and-play system has the correct emulation, but at the time of testing passes between the classics, this part seems to be good ".

Emulator work, as the name implies, emulates video games from the console on computers through open software, which even allows copies to copy or make hacks in them. Since reverse engineering is used for ROMs or ISOSs (files that are equivalent to video games) and copyright infringement, many official companies have denounced the pages that contain these documents.

The emulators have led to various third party companies to reconstruct the video consoles of the rear console in new hardware. This is the reason for companies like Nintendo to run its classic SNES and NES mini consoles with official emulators to avoid spreading copies.

This information is suspected in many fans who are looking forward to the retro console ever since They expected PlayStation Classic to recreate their game list thanks to the hardware or emulator they created.

The console will be on the market on December 3rd. Check here the price in Peru.

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