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The city of Cozumel strengthens public health in all sectors

The City Council of Cozumela spent the day of disease prevention at the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso), in which 70 doses of tetanus vaccine were applied, as well as various tests, about 100 inmates for the detection of chronic degenerative diseases with the aim of to be able to attend the event if necessary.

In this regard, Deputy Director of Health, Saul Burgos Pat, explained that public health is a key issue for the Cozumel Presidency, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, which is why action is being taken in this area in various sectors.

Burgos Pat was reported to have been tested for HIV, syphilis, prostate antigen, blood pressure detection and diabetes; In addition, questionnaires on "risk factor in health", cognitive or minimal examinations, as well as search for symptoms of depression, as well as 70 tetanus vaccines have been applied.

Likewise, if the prisoner has positive results in different tests, he will be directed to the General Hospital of the State Health Services (SESA) in Cozumel.

It should be noted that public health and social welfare councils, Rita Rodríguez Alonso, were present during the implementation of the activity; Committee on Industry, Trade and Agriculture, Miguel Juan Santamaría Casanova; The Commission for Social Development and Citizens Participation, Rubí Peniche Gambo and the person responsible for the Cereso Legal Area, María José Ávila Chulim.

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