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The failure of bones causes Selena Gomez to teach until the last

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Selena Gomez forever forgot Justin Bieber, and this proved when he deleted the last photo of the singer in his Instagram account.

The Canadian went through his life and experienced difficult situations for him. Last year he was in the center rehabilitation for suffering a crisis nerve.

Meanwhile, he was angered several times by his followers. Those who try to destabilize the relationship between Hailey Baldwin and him, as many believe the model has entered into a relationship between Gomez and Bieber.

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Now the celebrities have returned to speak for something photo which circulates networking social where it appears very sexy.

The singer is caught in this sexy black dress with a few cut so expressed that in the moment the air provoked you see everything.

To your bad luck, this one a suit he let her go and let him see apparel interior color nude.

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Justin collaborated on a new single Chris brown and there are also those who say the fragment was inspired by his former partner.

It's "Do not Check Me"; However, what attracted attention was a "brutal message" sent to a former star Disney.

"I can be in your head, but do not worry about me, my heart is full again, I do not have a heartbeat, not a losing dream, do not understand it personally, but now I can not answer you.

I'm far away because I do not want you to find me now. I do not allow ghosts of our past to affect me future.

I was fired. Energy is cyclical, it always comes back. Reciprocally. I have no tears anymore Do not look further empathy for me in the coming years. Oh no, I do not need your compassion, "he sings Canadian.

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