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The use of antibiotics has been abused in most of the world [Salud] – 11/12/2018

Geneva.- The World Health Organization (WHO) today condemned excessive use of antibiotics in most parts of the world, often without a doctor's prescription, within the World Awareness Week on the Use of Antibiotics (WAAW, for acronym in English).

Every November, WHO celebrates World Antibiotic Consciousness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the world about antibiotic resistance.

In addition to promoting the best practices of its use among the population, health workers and policy planners in order to avoid persistent abuse and abuse of antibiotics in humans and animals because they have facilitated the emergence and spread of resistance.

In the report, the WHO has found that there is a huge difference in the use of antibiotics worldwide, since while in some countries too much is used, there is not enough access to these life-saving medicines in other countries.

The report reveals wide discrepancies in consumption rates between countries, from about four defined daily doses (DDDs) per 1,000 inhabitants per day to more than 64 DDDs, mainly amoxicillin and clavulanic amoxicillin.

These drugs recommend the WHO as the first or second line of treatment for common infections and belong to the "access" category of WHO Model List Essential Medicines.

In 49 countries, the access category represents more than 50.0% of antibiotic consumption, which confirms that they are over-used in most of the world.

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