Friday , August 6 2021

Theft of home jewelry from Spanica

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The crime did not rest in these days of rescue. Last week, three subjects entered the actress's house Gabriele Spanic and stole it safely, suitcases with various documents and jewelry, mostly costume.

At the time of the plunder, the house was empty because the protagonist of the soap opera like La Usurpador and her family was out of town.

According to the investigative map opened by Procuraduría Capitalino for reporting the incident, the incident was reported shortly after 12:00 pm on Sunday in the neighborhood of Lomas de Vista Hermosa in Mayoralty of Cuajimalpa. Gabriela Spanic received a call from her ex-wife who informed her that when she went home she found the parking garage door and opened the window.

When his former partner entered his room, he realized that things were upset and needed the above things, so he immediately asked for help from the police and then informed him on the cell phone. The Venezuelan actress had to break the vacation and return to the city to confirm the charge of stealing and count the lost items.

As part of the investigation, the State Attorney's Office released a review of two private security cameras of neighboring houses and another C-5 Ministry of Public Security; in this luxury vehicle he commands to step away from colonies, the reason why the unit has already been explored to abolish responsibility.

This is not the first time that Spanic, who is waiting for Prime Minister Netflix's Casino mex, has appealed to authorities for some crime. In December 2017, she accused Carmen, her sister-in-law servant, of stole the gold chain, something she checked when she checked the security camera.

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