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These are the closing of the road in CDMX by gay pride

Because of the gay pride march, which begins at 10:00, the major cities reminded of the closure of the roads and changes in access and service hours in Metrobussa, which is why they recommended the general population to take the prognosis.

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Marsh will leave the Angel of Independence, travel to Paseo de la Reforma and the Juarez and Madero avenues until you reach Zocalo in Mexico City.

In view of this, the Center for Road Information of the Secretariat of Citizens Safety of Mexico City proposed the use of the internal circuit; José Maria Izazaga, Arcos de Belén and Chapultepec Avenue; Doctor Rio de la Loza and Fray Servando Teresa de Mier; bypass; Alzate, Os 1 North Mosqueta and Rayón.

Follow Route # Pride2019 on #CDMX on Saturday, June 29, at 22:00, from Angela's Independence to Zocalo. # Orgullo41 ", posted on its Twitter account @OVIALCDMX.

On the other hand, the public transport system in Mexico Sitrobot announced in his @MetrobusCDMX account on the social network that at 10:00 hrs the service will be interrupted at Glorieta de Colón to Campo Marte, line 7, and only the Green Indians will be attending El Caballito and El Caballito to La Villa's children's hospital.

He explained that at 11:00 am will be the Hamburg station closed on line 1, so that the Green Indians will be provided with Reforms and Gloria de los Insurgentes in El Caminero.

Also at that time, he was abundant, Mina and Hidalgo station line 3, will stay out of service, and will only run from Tenayuca to Buenavista and from Etopia to Juárez, while in Southern Route line 4 will be out of service. The Republic and the Circuit Kolumba, with the Buenavista service for San Lazaro, without affecting the northern route and the airport.

Operational implementation in Angel de la Independencia gay march

In a statement, the addiction of the Ministry of Public Security of Mexico (SSP-CDMX) added that she had designed simultaneous logistics for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transgender, transvestite and intersex (LGBTTTI) parades that would also be needed this Saturday.

A total of 821 police officers will be working from 07:00 am, with the support of 10 vehicles and helicopters, which will be deployed close to Angela's independence, while in the capital Zócalu there will be a thousand 500 items with 174 units and another helicopter.

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