Tuesday , July 27 2021

They beat cancer and play "Campana de la Victoria" in Tamaulipas

CD. Victoria, Tam.- Three bells were for Mrs Griselda Mireles, the best sound she heard in her life and became a symbol of support and hope for hundreds of patients, Tamaulipas and Tamaulipas, who are struggling to overcome cancer every day.

In an emotional ceremony, chaired by Health Secretary Gloria Molina Gambo, "Victory Ring" was opened at Tamaulipas Oncology Center, where the patient received the final discharge and halted breast cancer treatment. , the most common illness and other cause of cancer death in women.

Each stroke was the ultimate point and new beginning for 50 people who overcame this disease, recognize family members, experts, and call for more and more people to access timely diagnoses, controls, and treatments.

"The word cancer today should not mean death," Molina Gamboa pointed out after calling for prevention, self-protection of health, protection and love for their families

This action continues with the commitment of Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vac to protect the health of women as the pillar and backbone of the Tamaulipas family.

And that is, in 2017, Tamaulipas Oncology Center, registered 180 new breast cancer cases, so it is important to increase the promotion and spread of various programs to address this serious public health problem.

"To be cancer survivors means having life before and after life, we appreciate the magnitude of what we have today, but the most important thing is to give us the sensitivity to do for others what we have never done before or for the rest," Molina Gamboa said.

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