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They warn of clashes between the community police and the National Guard

The lack of communication between the National Guard and the community police would be left as a collateral damage to the conflict over territorial differences, because more than a month after its implementation, the security corporation did not address community leaders who are not aware of uniforms. they carry.

Gloria Méndez, from the legal field of the Human Rights Center Zeferino Ladrillero (CDHZL), said in an interview that local police officers do not know where the guard will act and accentuate the distrust of that security body.

"There is a lot of distrust in some sectors because the police community was formed because local and municipal authorities had links to organized crime.

"They also reject the fact that armed forces carry out civic activities and do not restrict – normatively – the way they work and respect the territory of the community, as well as the competences of each body," warned Méndez.

The expert also recalled the conflict that occurred in 2014 after the self-defense groups became rural police in Michoacán, as there were sectors that did not want to join the regulatory framework proposed by the government.

We do not know who they are

CRAC-PC Commissioner Cacahuatepec, Kenya Hernandez, has confirmed that they have had no access to the Gard until now, to the extent that they do not know what uniform they are wearing.

"We saw a lot of soldiers in Guerrero, but the entity has always been militarized." We've seen soldiers who wear a cap on which they write PM, but we do not know whether they're from the National Guard. They are located in several municipalities in the state, particularly on the roads, "said Hernandez, who stressed the severity of lack of coordination, which opened the way to the leak.

However, the CRAC commissioner warned that if guard came into the community area, it would be an "action" that would be defined in assemblies.

"If they enter the territory of the community, there will be consequences, and we will seek respect for the territory, and if they do not respect, we will define the actions to be taken." We do not accept the entry of more troops, the Guerrer history has always linked the militia with rude human rights violations, he argues.

Necessary coordination

A researcher at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Javier Oliva, said that the communication the National Guard should have with community policing representatives is crucial to avoid any conflict as the Federal Security Authority can enter any area.

"There must be communication with the community police recognized before the law because it will have to be disarmed at a time when the operation is scheduled in the entities where they are established." They will have to co-ordinate with the National Guard depending on 266 quarters – of which 150 are priorities – and to check whether some of them have a community or self-defense groups.

"Elements of the National Guard can enter any zone, there is no formal exclusion. If they enter the territory of the community and want to disarm people and resist, they will be presented to a qualified judge because they attack an institution belonging to the state, he said.

Oliva also assured him that he did not believe that there were more cases of human rights violations or that the number of "political prisoners" did not increase, but he stressed that it is important for the actions of this federal security body to be clear and respect what is being considered in the organic law

The difference between community police and self-defense groups

The work of the community police: groups formed in the system of usage and customs and the decision of the assembly of indigenous peoples, with the aim of defending their territory and natural resources.

Self-Defense: They are armed citizens who appear, mostly in municipalities with high marginalization, in fighting organized crime groups.


Article 2 of the Constitution, in the second part of section "A", recognizes the right of indigenous peoples and communities to self-determination and autonomy.

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