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Three tips and a workout routine to avoid weight gain this season

The toughest days for a diet start because no one resists delicious Dead bread in November a rich and great dinner from Christmas and New Year in December, and what about s Rosca de Reyes in January

However, u Heraldo Magazine he was Fernando Guerra. fitness trainer, give you three easy tips to maintain weight while enjoying delicious dishes this season. In addition, he presented a very easy routine to follow each week.

Three positive actions

Drink water: Hydrogenation is the best option to avoid weight gain. The specialist explained that the correct amount of water consumption is the result of multiplying the steps by 35, these would be liters of fluid to be taken daily.

Awareness of what you eat: The specialist recommended eating 5 fruits a day, as well as a portion of carbohydrates, and ultimately avoiding fats and fried foods.

exercise: Staying active is an important factor in maintaining health Fernando Guerra He suggested doing a daily exercise routine, which, he said, may not be very demanding, but it must be done day by day.

Eat what you want

fitness trainer He noticed that during the holidays you can consume any two dishes you want, EYE! as long as all the positive actions are recommended above.

Simple routine

The specialist presented a routine of three exercises that should be performed at home, which should be repeated 10 times and would only take 20 minutes.

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