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UNAM bus burns with 45 students inside – second-hand – Chihuahua news

This friday, kilometer 183 + 200 of the Totomoxtle-Tihuatlán highway north of Veracruz, UNAM's bus with 45 students on the ship ignited after a mechanical failure.

According to local media Xeu, the students went to Tuxpan's port to perform the mechanics; The victims did not complain.

The students of the UNAM Technical School were transported to Escania, model 2004, named Turísticos Aguilar, 997RV2 Federal Automobile Transport Service.

Also, having realized that the smoke came out from the rear of the engine, the driver managed to park the highway on the highway before he reached the Totomoxtle Toll Station.

The driver who identified José Sandoval Flores, 68, said he had a tire and noticed the sounds, but the fire began to wipe the wires and half of the bus cab. which stopped the unit.

CAPUFE Emergency Services has come in place. He tried to control the fire with the aid of fire extinguishers, but the fire was very advanced, but he spent most of the unit, and firefighters were also asked for it; the bus is completely burned; emergency bodies have also come to the site.

In this respect, the director of municipal civil protection, Raul Colirado Martinez, explained that there were no injured people, since all the passengers were able to get safe despite the fact that the incident was a few moments.

It is assumed to be a mechanical failure in the electrical system that caused the fire that caused the fire.

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