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Warmth wave: how to choose an air conditioner for home cooling and reduce consumption – Lifestyle

In Spain there are several houses built with centralized facilities air conditioning, even in very hot climatic zones. That is why devices record their sales in the summer months. The heat wave comes in the last week of June, and the temperature will exceed 35ºC in Spain and we have to prepare not to spend the night,

When choosing a device we have to consider factors such as sunny hours the house receives. material construction, floor height or square metersabout staying among others. Below we will compare some of the most common alternatives offered on the market for cooling houses, taking into account that they are used at the same level, There are devices that use up to 60% more electricity from others.

Wall units

To select the climate required in each case, it is used as the basis for calculating around 100 BTU per square meter. Namely, a room of 20 m2 will be needed in 2000 frigoríasAs for the required cooling power, it would be about 2.5 kW. As for consumption, energy label it ranges from A ++ to the most effective to G for the most consumed, something that is reflected in the month account. As for the noise, which will be installed in the bedroom, experts do not recommend to exceed 24 decibels.

It consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which is responsible for cooling the room. There are some models that only supply cold, while others are reversible and provide cold and warmth. Most of the objects already have inverter technology, devices that are able to maintain a constant temperature of space. It allows save up to 50% energy compared to other systems. In addition, they are quieter and have a longer life span.


Keep in mind that these models are usually the most expensive, though those that give you better performance. One of the best rated in 2019 is MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSZ-AP35VG, of 628 euros. It's part of the new generation of equipment of reduced size, energy classification A +++ in cooling and A ++ in heating mode, which is capable of cooling rooms up to 20 meters.

Have Wi-Fiso that we can see your status at any time by downloading the app to your mobile phone, inverting technology, and different ways of using it, such as I-Save, which remembers the temperature, speed and direction of the air flow to achieve the desired comfort. It has a filter cleaner that improves air purification, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Their extraordinary work 19 decibels It allows for a quiet vacation on summer nights. In addition, it uses the new refrigerant R32, which is 100% pure, consumes less energy and has a low level of flammability and toxicity.


These devices are quickly formed and cooled easy to transport from one room to anotherThis is a big advantage over other systems, but we have to keep in mind that they are less efficient because for a 20-m2 room cooling we need a 3000 BTU device. Likewise, we need to review energy labeling in order to avoid surprises with energy consumption. Mostly there are two types: those that discharge the air from the outside through the tube or through the condenser outside the house.

Olimpia Splendid
Olimpia Splendid / Amazon

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The best rated Amazonian average, due to its energy efficiency and the ability to cool down due to its price, is Olimpia Splendid, The price is 241 euros and is intended for cooling rooms of about 15-20 square meters. It has six modes of operation: cooling, fan, dehumidifier, night, auto and turbo.

This is not too loud compared to other similar products, 49 decibels, also has night mode and automatic shutdown mode. All functions can be controlled from touch screen, as by remote control. It is also easy to transport because it has a height of 70 centimeters and a wide 35 and has rotating wheels.

DeLonghi Penguin PAC N87 / Amazon
DeLonghi Penguin PAC N87 / Amazon / Amazon

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If the room is larger, about 20 or 25 square meters, the model is more desirable DeLonghi Penguin PAC N87, Something harder and weaker than the previous model, its energy efficiency varies from A +++ to D, depending on the program used, and its price starts at 513 euros. It has a power of 2900 W, the control panel 'Soft Touch' and remote control.


Ceiling fans are more economical in terms of energy consumption. They create a sense of freshness, from the air movement they reduce the thermal perception between 3 and 5 ° C. They are Most are recommended for people who can not withstand air conditioning and prefer to breathe clean air, but they must be aware of the airflow that can also be harmful to health.

Cecotec ForceSilence Aero 460
Cecotec ForceSilence Aero 460 / Cecotec

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Among the most appreciated by the user is Cecotec ForceSilence Aero 460which creates a feeling of freshness without virtually any noise. Its aerodynamic blades improve the flow of cold and hot air, as it has a reverse engine system that performs summer / winter function (triggering hot air concentrated in the ceiling to the ground).

It is controlled by the remote and has it low consumption in three modes (Low-Night, Medium-Echo and High-Turbo) and has a programmable timer for 1, 3 or 6 hours after which the fan switches off automatically.

Orbegozo TW 0850
Orbegozo TW 0850 / Orbegozo

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The second variety is a fan tower, designed for small rooms that are cheaper and easy to use. The best seller on Amazon is Orbegozo 460 TW 0850which has three levels of ventilation, a handheld timer of two hours, and a bowl for aromatic essences. Thanks to its oscillating function it distributes air in the room and has a handle that facilitates transport from one room to another.

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