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When, where and at what time to see the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.?

This Saturday, November 28, Mike Tyson against Roy Jones Jr., in the long – awaited exhibition match of the two legends, and here at Box Billboard We tell you where to watch the fight, on which channel and at what time.

One of the most anticipated fights this year which highlighted the excitement and anxiety of all boxing fans. It resonates especially with boxing fans from the 1990s. Mike ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson he performed an impressive physical transformation to prepare for the fight Roy Jones Jr. They are two of the greatest fighters in boxing history.

The fight will take place on November 28 at the Staples Center in Angels in United States, the famous home of NBA teams, Lakers Y Scissors.

The fight will last a total of 8 rounds of 2 minutes each and it has been clarified that the fight will automatically end in a draw to reach the end of the above mentioned rounds and the winner will only be if there is a previous knockout.

Tyson The 54-year-old has not fought since 2005 when he defeated him Kevin McBride in the 6th round of the fight. He has a record of 50 wins, 44 by knockout and 6 losses.

Roy Jones Jr. For his part, at the age of 51, he retired from professional boxing only in 2018, when he won his last fight by a unanimous decision. Scott Sigmon and maintains a record of 66 wins, of which 47 with chloroform and 9 losses.

So here in Box Billboard, we tell you where to watch the fight Mike Tyson Y Roy Jones Jr. on which channel and at what time for the whole of Latin America and the United States.

For all of Latin America, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., ESPN Knockout

It will be ESPN Knockout which will broadcast an evening starring Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. with a schedule yet to be confirmed.

For the United States, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr goes for the Triller platform

In the United States and Canada the struggle between Mike Tyson Y Roy Jones Jr. can be viewed via the app Fite.TV which is available for Year,, Apple TV,, Android TV, Y Amazon fire, and can be downloaded from the stores of each platform. Hail can be booked here.

Fight schedule by country:

NOW: 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET

Spain: 01:00 hours 29.11

Argentina: 21:00.

Uruguay: 21:00.

Chile: 21:00.

Brazil: 21:00.

Paraguay: 21:00.

Venezuela: 20:00

Bolivia: 20:00

Peru: 19:00

Colombia: 19:00

Ecuador: 19:00.

Mexico: 18:00

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