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Which application lets you delete a person from a photo

Never miss a detail that destroys the perfect photo. You may be on vacation, next to the beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise waters. Take yours cellular record a moment and transfer it to yours social networks.

But when you click when you take it photo and then check it out picture notice that someone unknown is caught and can not find it way of erasing.

In the pictures, you can delete people or objects that you do not want. Photo: Pixabay

For those situations and without resorting to it software sophisticated as a photoshop to remove someone from your beautiful photos, it already exists Bye bye camera, an app that reads & # 39; image to recognize people or objects, and through different systems Artificial Intelligence allows you to fill the remaining voids when you delete that portion of the photo.

The application is a work of Damjanian artist and works with a algorithm, According to Damjan, the application achieves a better result in image editing, as it is intended for them.

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However, this will help you to correct what is "over" in your pictures.

The criticisms made on the Bye Bye Camera include that it changes very slowly and sometimes there are "traces" what you wanted to suppress.

While this is not the first application that does similar things, no doubt it has the advantage that you can download and work with it in very basic functions.

For now, only iOS users can enjoy the Bye Bye Camera, at a cost of $ 3.

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