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Who is Robyn Denholm, the successor of Elona Muska as the chairman of the Tesla car factory – News and protagonists

Denholm will take over Muska's position at the board of directors as part of the agreement with the US regulatory authorities.

Robyn Dehholm's first job was supplying gasoline cars to Milperri, New South Wales (Australia), at a gas station owned by their parents.
This week was named as a replacement for Elona Muska as chairman of the Tesla Board, according to a statement from the company.
This 55-year-old accountant is no stranger to this company specializing in the manufacture of premium electric cars. Since 2014, he was a member of the company's management and was among the best paid to his members: only last year he raised almost $ 5 million, mostly in shares.
Denholm, who also headed the Tesla Audit Board, came to this position as part of a deal between the company and the US regulatory bodies as a result of controversial comments by Muska on social networks where plans for the redemption of company shares were announced. company and stop stock market trading.
He was a member of the company's management since 2014 and was among the best paid to his members: only last year he received nearly $ 5 million, mostly in shares
His words caused the stock value in the block, but a few weeks later Musk withdrew.
Then the authorities opened a file for alleged fraud, resolved by an agreement involving a $ 40 million fine, of which the company has to pay $ 20 million, and the musk must worry about the rest.
The entrepreneur had, in addition, resigned as chairman of the board of directors for three years and left that position in the hands of someone "Independent", Then Denholm came to the scene.

From Australia to Silicon Valley

Denholm's professional career began in consulting firm Arthur Andersen, where he came to work after studying economics at the University of Sydney.
Later, he worked for the Australian subsidiary Toyota, where he worked for seven years until he moved to California for the first time working for Sun Microsystems software company where he became Vice President.
Her career continued at Juniper Networks, a multinational dedicated networking and security system, where he was executive vice president and finance director.
In 2017, he returned to Australia as chief financial officer of Telstra, the country's largest telecommunications company. Over the next few months he will hold his obligations to that company before taking over his new role solely in Tesla.

Very close to Musku?

Appointing Denhola as the new chairman of the Tesla board of directors has been met by mixed assessments.
"Robyn has extensive experience in the technology and automotive sectors, and as a member of the board of directors has great contributions over the past four years to help us become a profitable company." said Musk, who will retain his duty to President Tesla.
Robyn has extensive experience in the technology and automotive sectors and has made great contributions to help us become a profitable company
"I think Musk has a lot to do with the team and wants to be sure they can understand"Chaim Siegel, of the capital Elazara, told Reuters.
Stephen Diamond, Corporate Governance Professor at Santa Clara University (California), does not expect regulators to overcome Denhola's nomination because the concept is generally "Independent" is interpreted loosely.
"But this is a violation of the spirit of the agreement, which wanted to change the culture of the board of directors in such a way that it would be counteracted by the worst Musk instincts.", warned Reuters academic.
Garrett Nelson of the CFRA research firm however considers it logical that Tesla tries to avoid the danger of appointing a true outsider who ends up in conflict with the Muscle.
"We have a positive view of the fact that Denholm has previous experience in the sector that worked with Toyota"Nelson said.
I like to be part of Tesla's board because it combines many things I'm passionate about, like energy and technology
"I like being a part of Tesla's board of directors because it combines many things I like like energy and technology", he said in an interview last January for the Odgers Berndtson website.
"The exciting thing about Tesla is that it's a company that affects the whole sector instead of the specific technology and it's a rapidly changing environment." he added.

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