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Yankees vs Red Sox live and directly from London: MLB

Yankees retires to Red Sox; the first opportunity that happens in all the devotion. Chavis had earlier retired to Holt's one turn.

Now is Brock Holt who contacted me badly. The ball came to short stops, and the exit went over 63.

Fifth entry, lower part. Christian Vázquez does not put in good contact, the ball is near the humble, and Cortés sends the starting card for the 13th.

Finally, the Red Sox can stop Yankees's offensive machine. Aaron Judge takes a flight to Mookie Betts.

More Yankees race. LeMahieu has one that wears two runs ─ya has five in the game. Gregorius and Hicks are the ones who were driving.

There is already light in Boston. Brett Gardner was hit but he did not like the judge's decision, and before returning to the ground he expressed his disagreement.

They're tracking problems on the Red Sox hill. Taylor surrenders his passport to Gleyber Torres, and the house is filled with Yankees.

Another wild step at the entrance, now thanks to Taylor. Gregorius and Hicks are advancing and there is a danger of two more races for Red Sox.

Hicks uses the fact that Taylor is not yet in a hurry with the unstoppable. It seems that this entry has no end because one on the board, Yankees, and have two men on the track.

Finally, Cora left the carnage and decided to retire to Shawary after seven races. The new pitcher of Boston will be Josh Taylor.

Didi Gregorius pays Shawaryn's mistake. A short blow hit one, and the Colombians were on January 15 at night,

Shawaryn still has catastrophic results. Now send the wild ground to the plate and Urdeil takes advantage of advancing into the antechamber.

Fifth entry, upper part. Luke You can get an extra base again. Although it was obvious that the players of Brock Holt lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. Unfortunately, the first baseman leaves the field with injury, and Gio Urshela will supply him.

Another meeting is over, Andrew Benintendi gets the ball and in the attack area, near the lobby, LeMahie gets a white color.

Aaron Boone saw something strange in Hale and decided to stop his performance. Cuban Néstor Cortés Jr will launch a new launcher & # 39; mula & # 39;

Red Sox quickly put itself in a compromising situation. Excluded Boston attacker pulls the line straight to short stops, Gregorius is responsible for removing.

Xander Bogaerts wants to answer. The switch hits a field to the right that Aaron Judge could not stop.

The fourth entrance, the lower part. Rafael Devers intercepted the double pair so he hit the spot on Aaron Hicks.

Gary Sanchez was thrown out. The fourth episode was a copy of the first Yankees change, where they ran 6 runs, can Red Sox respond?

Another wild Yankees battle! Aaron Judge connects the third domestic race for Yankees and Bronx Bombers & # 39; win for eight.

The Yankees again take a comfortable lead in the game. LeMahie takes double that practically cleans the diamond. Gregorius, Gleyber and Gardner noticed.

The ninth touchdown for Yankees comes in. Brett Gardner takes a walk by Shawaryn and You can make progress without complications at home.

Gleyber Torres puts the ball behind on the face, but Benintendi stops the ball before allowing Win to mark the ninth race of the Yankees night. They do not fit in the diamond anymore.

It seems now Yankees will be the ones who stay with desire. Aaron Hicks pulls a fever that falls into the gloves of Andrey Benintendia.

Edwin Encarnación was about to leave after the first turn. For the second time he is in the collision box and comes out with a blow.

Shawaryn has not had a good job so far. After contact with Goth, the base is delivered to the Gregorious balls. Yankees threaten to increase their advantage.

Luke You with extradition. That ball fled through the central field and looked as if it could be a domestic race, though Bradley walked well and rejected the entire return, even though he allowed the shot.

Fourth entry, upper part. All this is for Steven Wright and Red Sox will be the fourth man on the crowd during the game. Mike Shawaryn is a new Boston thrower.

Hale fulfills his missionWith full score and throwing in the strike zone boundaries, Mookie Betts is eliminated and Red Sox retains its advantage.

It's all about Chad Greene in London. David Hale enters the diamond to work for Mookie Betts and completes the third action.

Will the Red Sox podium be repeated in the first change? JAckie Bradley Jr. connects the single and the tie comes to the dough box.

The first third of the game is near completion. Michael Chavis flying to the area of ​​an ever-trusted Aaron Judge.

The third entrance, the lower part. Brock Holt is quickly out of the Boxing Box after striking a line that dominates Yankees' other homers, Gardner.

That was the way it was Brett Gardner broke the tie with a two-week ride.

Red Sox manages to avoid more damage. Gary Sánchez pulls the ball into the lobby, where Devers joins Chavis at the final exit.

Wright did not return after the homer. Now he hands over a passport to Aaron, and Yankees already have two men in circulation.

Gardner's contact was balanced by the Red Sox. LeMahie makes Wright paying for his concentration on one.

THE SHEET OF THE FOUR KUTKA! Brett Gardner blames the authority to hit the third home round of the game and returns to overcome Yankees.

Gleyber Torres shakes Red Sox when it seems that the episodes will end soon. This time he hit one who runs to the left field.

Yanks are already on the rope. Aaron Hicks hits the line that starts dub. Bradley Jr. he caught the ball but was close to losing possession.

Third entrance, upper part. Wright was at peace with Red Sox giving peace to the hill. Edwin Encarnación was kicked out and could not repeat his previous turn, where he hit the related doubling.

Yankees avoid danger, Christian Vázquez shot at the shortstop, which picked up and removed Martinez in the middle.

Chad Green shows his talent at a critical moment, Andrew Benintendi eats the chocolate that throws the jug and becomes the second of the changes.

JD Martínez singles. Devers is placed in the foyer, but it does not encourage him to come home with the gun that the judge has in his right hand.

Devia can not go to Bogaerts Line. Shortstop is attracting a straight line to Aaron Hick's gloves, and Red Sox already has one in their account.

The second entrance, the lower part. Devers has a good start to the game. Now hit an extra base and Red Sox has a tiebreaker in the points position.

DOUBLE KILL! Didi Gregorious pulls the ball to the place where Bogaerts stands. Then there is a combination of six, four, and three to determine a double game.

The advantage is in the middle for Red Sox. Luke You can drag a line to Benin's location, which becomes a simple guess.

It seems that the Yankees will not be so easily hurt in this change. Gary Sánchez delivers out in the box through punch after a foul tip.

& # 39; Judge & # 39; removes the first turn of the first turn with one. Yankees' outfielder took the country to the left field, the area of ​​Benintendee.

The second entrance, the lower part. Colten Brewer's work quickly came to an end, and now Steven Wright is the Red Sox jug.

The first kilometer episode endsMookie Betts sends the ball into the opponent's half of the field and blocked the ball over the bar.

Jackie Bradley came to close the order to use Red Sox effectively. The outside striker hits a single on the meadows, and Boston can turn the traffic light.

Aaron Boone comes with a crane to remove Tanak, New Yankees pitcher will be Chad Green, who will have to finish this one missing one change only.

CARDS ARE CROSSING IN LONDON! Michael Chavis hit another homer in the game and Red Sox erased the deficit that he had and seemed to be difficult to overcome.

Brock Holt with a simple tug. The second Red Sox base hits the right field and Xander Bogaerts slips into the register. Yankee's lead is halved.

Christian Vázquez adds another hair on the Red Sox board. The catcher pulls the sacrificial fever that Devers uses to get to the tire.

Andrew Benintendi fails to take advantage of the comfortable position. The officer landed immediately behind the other base and dropped one. The runners stay in their places.

Once again, the Japanese got a dough based on the base of the ball. JD Martinez enters first and the house is full of Red Sox without exit.

It seems that pitchers had problems with the field in London. Tanaka gives a passport to Xander Bogaert and Red Sox has a real duel chance.

An attacking duel in London. Rafael Devers with the extradition that puts Mookie Betts at home. The Red Sox breaks down the zero with a roll that has passed the entire offensive line.

The first entrance, the lower part. Mookie Betts does not want the Red Sox to stay and punish Masahira Tanaku by line to the left field to advance to the opening.

The episode of terror for Red Sox is over. Brewer gets his first shot of the night with DJ LeMahie as a victim.

Finally, after six races, Yankees already have two exits in their account. Brett Gardner hits a weak player on track 13.

Brewer has a poor start to work that further complicates Red Sox. The pitcher supplies the base to the balls at Gleyber Torres.

All this was for Porcello after the catastrophic start of the game. Red Sox is fast moving and now Colten Brewer on the Red Sox Hill.

Never on that ball! Aaron Hicks returns to punish the Red Sox, now full-return, and the Yankees already have an almost irresistible advantage.

Rally racing in London. The new player, Edwin Encarnacion, is taking the third additional substitution base, and Yankees already have an important advantage over the board.

Yankees are involved! Did Gregorious hit double for the second consecutive row, Sanchez and You did not stop until they came to the tire and entered two more races.

The registry is in London! Luke You can drag the line to the left field. The first baseman struck an extrabass and LeMahie came home to break the zero.

Great Red Gary Sánchez. The Dominicans have suffered the attacks of Porcella, allowed the bill to be filled up and in turn got a passport. The first of the Yankees is in the final zone.

"Judge" appeared in the box but could not hurt. The cop goes to the Jackie Bradley Jr glove in the central meadow.

LeMahieu punishes Porcella quickly. The third baseman connects the right ball to the right field and manages to progress to the initial.

First entrance, upper part. Play! Fly the ball in London. DJ LeMahieu will have the honor of opening up hostilities.

National anthems of both countries are already singing! They first sang the Star Spangled Banner, and later their place was "God Saved the Queen" & # 39;

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