Friday , April 16 2021

according to the compensation of canceled plane tickets?

This measure was decided “on the basis of an external warning from the European Consumer Union Office (BEUC) and a warning issued by the Commission for the first time in accordance with the revised CPC Regulation”, the Commission and the Consumer Rights Association said in a joint press release. The aim of this research is to obtain additional information from airlines operating in the European Union on how to inform consumers about their rights as passengers and how to deal with refund requests.

Several structures contributed to the success of this survey. These are the European Office of Consumer Associations (BEUC), the European Federation of Consumer Associations and the French and Belgian consumer organizations UFC-Que Choisir and Test Achat / Test aankoop. These structures have announced that “passengers whose flights have been canceled by the airline find it difficult to reimburse them in cash, if they prefer.”

In particular, “dialogues between airlines and the network” will be coordinated by the national consumer protection authorities of several Member States (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden), and “in most cases by the Swedish Consumer Protection Agency”. According to the same statement, companies that have “permanent difficulties” in timely reimbursement of costs must “provide information to all consumers about what they are doing to resolve those difficulties quickly”.

For Didier Reynders, the commissioner in charge of justice, airlines must properly inform consumers of their rights when a flight must be canceled. They must also ensure that it is received by all travelers who wish a refund. “This is an important step towards the passenger industry operating smoothly. Other measures are underway, such as the revision of the regulatory framework for passenger rights, as provided for in the Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility, ”promised Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport.

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