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Akhannouch invites engineers to get involved massively in politics

Akhannouch invites engineers to get involved massively in politics

RNI President Aziz Akhannouch called on engineers and young people in Tangier on Saturday to be generally interested in and engage in mass politics, to hear their voice and to contribute to the success of the Moroccan development model.

President Dove, who spoke to 1,100 RNIstes engineers during First Aid Engineer Assistance, encouraged young engineers to be armed with the severity, perseverance, ambition and especially a high sense of citizenship to face the political world with the ultimate goal of serving the homeland.

"Politics must be conceived as a means of giving the best of its ability to contribute to building and contributing to the progress of Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of King HM," Akhannouch said. Several members of the RBI political office, as well as members of Morocco and Europe, participated in this conclave.

Mr. Akhannouch also emphasized the role of engineers in the development of Morocco, particularly with the dizzying and unobtrusive evolution of science and technology around the world, and their proven contribution to the social and economic development of the countries.

In a statement to reporters, Mr. Akhannouch stressed the importance of this "high quality" meeting with these engineers, "95 to 96% of them join the political party for the first time," emphasizing that the engineer is capable of making a valuable contribution and "helping to make strategic decisions ".

This meeting is the first in a series of meetings with other socio-professional categories across the Kingdom, Akhannouch said.

For its part, Ahmed Houari, president of the engineering corps of RNI, welcomed the opening of his party in this society, "which has always been out of the political game, but who can do much to develop the country."

Mr. Houari emphasized that RNI "has taken on a unique experience in engineering supervision, within the framework of an active political entity, which goes far beyond a simple formal organization to achieve effective integration in order to address the challenges seriously".

The work of this meeting is divided into two panels focused on engineers and politics, as well as an engineer and development model. These panels will be led by activists and party officials, including Rachid Talbi Alami, Mohamed Aujjar and Amin Benkhadru, as well as presidents of RNI Engineers in France and Germany.

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