Apocalyptic sand pit

BAIE-ST-PAUL | When we woke up on Sunday morning, he was falling off the ropes. It promised to be sad for the last day of the Festif! But the mother of CEO Clément Turgeon prayed to Saint-Antoine. And the rain stopped.

“She does it all the time and it works. I’m not sure I should believe it, “he said early in the afternoon.

The Mon Doux Saigneur concert at dawn took place under a pink sky, and the rain, which began to fall after this performance, calmed down during Elisapie on the Quai de Baie-Saint-Paul.

His first show, scheduled for 11 a.m., was an hour late, starting with light rain, with lots of clouds and a little fog, and ending on dry.

With a wide smile on her face, Elisapie offered beautiful moments, accompanied by three musicians, including excellent guitarist Jean-Sébastien Williams.

AND, her greatest love song ever, which she wrote for her biological mother, cover Wolves do not live by the rules Willie Thrasher, the audience sings and Darkness brings light were the highlights of his show.

Throughout the Festif !, the public loved the performances presented in unusual places that became the star of this 12th edition.


He was adored by Danielle and Stéphane, regular guests of Festif! Living in Sainte-Julienne in the Lanaudière region.

“This creativity for stages and websites is a formula to keep. This year’s edition has not lost on quality with very good shows “, launched Danielle, before the double Drug and We are wolves on the sand.

A completely amazing sand pit with a stage set in a kind of huge crater resembling a lunar landscape. Stone circles were created to accommodate bubbles and promote distance. An old car, industrial machinery, a forklift and scattered small fires form the backdrop of this apocalyptic place.

“It looks like Pink Floyd in Pompeii,” the festival visitor said, leaving the shuttle after a long climb to Chemin de l’Équerre. The other had the impression, he, that he found himself in one of the films Crazy Max.

“For our first show at Festif! We think it’s good, hot, lunar,” added Véronique Bonnelly.

And the band Drogue started a rock and striping performance with notes of punk attitude. Singer Ludwig Wax did his best for this first presence on the north coast of St. Lawrence.

Abandoned house

Stepping onto the stage in a Mexican wrestler’s mask, he jumped up, spun a microphone like Roger Daltrey from The Who, threw a tambourine a few feet into the air, and spilled beer all over his head.

Earlier this afternoon, The Blaze Velluto Collection caused a nasty party on the stage of Abandoned House. A place that will become and remain legendary for those who have been there, as the residence and dilapidated buildings will soon be demolished.

Unusual websites: nice problem

Clement Turgeon

Photo by Yves Leclerc

Clement Turgeon

Sitting on the ground behind the tractor, Clément Turgeon, general and artistic director, snapped on Saturday. He burst into tears, during Michel Rivard’s performance on the Bas de la Baie stage.

“It simply came to our notice then. I saw my father singing and I cried, ”he said honestly a few minutes before the performance to the Men I trust in the Parc de la Virevolte.

When the organizers unveiled the program of their event, on May 12, a small Festif team! she did not know if she would be introduced because of COVID-19.

A lot of work has been done, said Clément Turgeon, to build these 12e edition, which ended on Sunday evening TEKE :: TEKE, in Pješčana jama.

The number of tickets is limited to 12 separate seats to accommodate 75 to 500 spectators.

The more the day progressed, the more solemn the formations became, the larger the overflows became. There were several of them.

“It gets harder when an artist invites the world to come and have fun in front of the stage. I can’t come on the boards to end the performance, it would be even worse “, said Clément Turgeon.


With the support of Sûreté du Québec, who did not have to intervene, the general and artistic director is satisfied.

“I went to visit them, sometimes, to apologize,” he said, adding that other festivals have had a similar situation.

“It is also up to the festival visitors to take responsibility. We gave them everything they could. We could have accommodated 2,000 people in the Sand Cave, to make more money, but for that reason we decided to accommodate 300, with remote spaces. We always followed the protocol on the spot, ”he added.

The public has “stumbled” about this slightly different release with an emphasis on unconventional performance sites. Observation that leads to thinking. Clément Turgeon and his organization have on hand what is called a nice problem.

“It simply came to our notice then. We will have to take time to think about it, ”he said.

COVID-19 provided access to additional funds for the construction of these projects.

“It is possible to continue in this direction. I will need more partners. I would like to return the places of Bétonnière Perron and Parc de la Virevolte, ”he said.

Clément Turgeon says he hasn’t missed the big crowds of years.

“The challenge is to find balance and middle ground,” he said.

The budget for this release was $ 1.6 million, compared to $ 2.2 million for the “normal” edition introduced in the summer of 2019.

“We worked very hard to find partners and grants. We will be able to generate a surplus that we will reinvest for the next release. Our goal is to stay, ”he said.

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