Wednesday , January 20 2021

Casablanca.Collectors share happiness with old-fashioned driving!

The Moroccan royal federation of vintage cars organizes this weekend in the Mall Auto Retro Classic. Possibility of discovering the universe of enthusiasts, where the road smells good nostalgia.

This Saturday in Morocco mall, enthusiasts for motorcycles, collectors, or even curious, met on open days on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Vintage Vehicles. (FRMVE).

The landscape of old, young, old-timers, beautiful popularly-accessible, mythical sports, iconic or missing exhibitions offers every opportunity to admire the selected part of the Moroccan heritage of car collectors and collectors from all over the kingdom ..

To highlight the automotive heritage that has existed for several generations in Morocco and challenged all Morocco collectors by offering them an opportunity to surpass this competition, this weekend is a competition of elegance. Several criteria besides the beauty of the vehicle will be reviewed by the jury of international experts.

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