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Cologne. World Alzheimer's Day –

On Saturday, September 21, from 2pm to 6pm, the 26th edition of World Alzheimer's Day will be held at the family farmhouse. Cologne mobilizes the Federal Residency, which includes territorial actors: MSA, family and farmhouse, Gers Library, local information and coordination center, France Alzheimer, Cadours Elderly Home (Ehpad), Violet de Cadours, stand for vacation Granada, Relais de la Lomagne, Lou Lou Association, Siel bleu Association, Bastide d & # 39; Albret in Mauvezin, Cologne & Mauvezin Inter-Municipal Social Action Center (CIAS) & Bulle d & # 39; Air Association. On the program: at 2pm a lecture on "Alzheimer's & If You Know," with Mr. Nou, IGM Humanitude Trainer, assisted by Virginie Loir, a psychologist; from 2pm to 6pm, "Alzheimer's Train", in the presence of territorial actors for various workshops. The purpose of this mobilization day is to better understand the disease, to get to know the actors better, to better help the sick and the carer. The goal is to communicate and share the abilities of people with Alzheimer's disease and / or related diseases. This day will help improve the position of patients and caregivers. Everyone is invited to participate in this day off.

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