Saturday , January 23 2021

Dakhla: Foundation Phosboucraâ holds its first entrepreneurs "made in DBC"

Infomédiaire Morocco – Young project leaders from the Dakhla-Oued-Eddahab region have recently been awarded at the closing ceremony of the 1st edition of the Dakhla Business Challenge (DBC), a leading entrepreneurship program launched by the Phosboucra Foundation.

This event was an opportunity for 12 entrepreneurs (4 women and 8 men) representing 6 sectors, already selected from 52 competitive projects, to submit their projects to a specialized jury whose mission is to determine the best projects.

The Entrepreneurship Program aims to help young project managers transform their business ideas into a business project and then move projects to sustainable businesses, said Rachid Boukhanfar, director of Dakhla Learning Center (DLC), Phosboucra Fund Training Center.

Through personalized support, DLC provides counseling and information services to young program members to enable them to set up their projects, he explained.

Brothers Morad and Fatma Bougharioun won the first prize for their production and marketing of aesthetic products.

The second prize went to Hind Kantaoui, promoter of the project of the male skeleton Sahraoui Deraâ with modern techniques, while Meriem Iziki won the third prize (the production project of tomato gold). The Dakhla Business Challenge allows the Federation of Ecosystems to gather experts considering different investment opportunities in the Dakhla region as well as the role of small and medium-sized enterprises as a driver of local economic development.

Project managers who realize their projects through entrepreneurship continue to benefit from the Center's services. They will be dedicated and always individualized support aimed at tracking the start and development of their activities, their achievements and the challenges they will face.

Center support will be at different levels: commercial decision making, production organization, accounting tracking and financial management, as well as all the specific topics that each business owner seeks.

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