Sunday , May 16 2021

Died after being vaccinated

A Drummondville woman who refused vaccination died Saturday from COVID-19. On her deathbed she wanted to warn all those who thought like her and who condemned the measures.

“I warn you against this virus. I never thought I would be so sick, ”Gisèle Beaudoin, 70, wrote on her Facebook page, barely 24 hours before she took her last breath.

“It took five days and she suffered true martyrdom. Everything hurt and she was having a hard time breathing, ”says her younger sister Monic Beaudoin, who has always considered her her“ second mother ”because of their significant age difference.

You plotted

However, Gisèle Beaudoin has moved away from her family in recent months, gradually falling into a vicious spiral, according to her sister.

“She would get up at 4 in the morning to watch all the videos of those people and send them to us on Facebook,” she says. At one point I had to tell him he respected my opinion. “

Monic Beaudoin can hardly believe that on the day of her sister’s death, tens of thousands of people stormed the streets of Montreal demonstrating against health measures.

But according to her, the deceased could also have been one of those who refused a vaccine that would undoubtedly save her life.

To comply with her last wishes, her husband will finally be vaccinated.

“She said that the only flu was that there were no more deaths this year. She changed her mind at the hospital, ”laments Bertrand Bibeau, who has lost a partner, a mother of three children and a grandmother to her 10 grandchildren in the past 49 years.

Country singer

Her loved ones will remember her as a generous and energetic woman.

The country scene is also crying out for beasts that have been singing all over Quebec for the past 20 years.

Without major health problems, the Septuagint will live out her art to the end.

“She was very well. Everyone loved him, ”says her friend Barbara Barrère, director of Vibration Country magazine.

A member of the evangelical church, Gisèle Beaudoin was also a woman of unwavering faith. Relatives described her as impossible to reason when she delved deeply into conspiracy theories.

“I could tell him God would be for the vaccine, there was nothing that could be done about it,” laments Monic Beaudoin, a few hours after he had to come to terms with his sister’s final farewell via the FaceTime video conferencing app.

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