Monday , July 26 2021

Flu. Bretons still have no vaccine reflexes – Brittany

(Photo François Destoc)

According to health insurance, the vast majority of Britons know that flu can be a lethal illness. However, in 2017, less than one in two residents of the region was vaccinated. Therefore, we are far from "healthy reflection".

Flu cases, the Bretons are not ignorant of the health insurance that was held this Tuesday, a press conference on the subject. According to a health organization, 88% of Britons know it is a disease that can be fatal. Significant share, which is 6 points lower than the national average (94%), showed a survey conducted in October 2018.

At the same time, 72% of Britons say vaccination is the first step in protecting the flu. And more than 80% indicate that this is necessary from the age of 65 or when someone is suffering from chronic illness.

Most British exposed have not been vaccinated

Given these very encouraging results, as they show increased knowledge about the severity of the flu, a high vaccine rate in the region is expected. This is far from the case. In 2017, among the populations recommended, since they are most serious in the sense of serious complications, less than one brother of two (48%) was vaccinated. This rate is above the national average (45.6%) but below 75% of the vaccine coverage recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As winter approaches, it is important to create a "vaccine reflex", especially among newly-created individuals and those who have never reached a milestone in previous years. Coverage of these so-called "first vaccinated" people is still low, about 10% last year in France.

Simplified vaccination course

To encourage and facilitate the adoption of this habit, the vaccination course is simplified. Since the inception of vaccination, launched on October 6, of all adults who are recommended to be vaccinated against influenza (persons over the age of 65, people with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure or respiratory system, as well as pregnant women are overweight etc.) can now withdraw their vaccine into a pharmacy, simply presenting their health insurance voucher. In Brittany, about 730,000 people received this year.

After that, they can be vaccinated by healthcare professionals of their choice: a nurse, a doctor, a midwife. For the influenza campaign 2018-2919, the Regional Health Service (URPS), the Brittany nurse, requires about 3,500 care practices in the vaccine promotion region by offering specific services. The professional organization thus generalizes the experiment conducted in 2017 in Finistère, whose results were encouraging. This operation coincides with the favorable opinion of HAS (High Health Authority) to expand nursing skills to vaccine against influenza that now allows all the first, first and non-first vaccines to be vaccinated with a nurse without the need for obtaining a prescription. Except for people under the age of 18 for whom the medical prescription remains important.

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