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For the fifteenth year in a row, the Essaouira beach raises the '& # 39; & # 39; Blue Flag & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

The Essaouira Beach has officially raised its environmental and international tourism label »Blue Flag» as part of the national program »Clean beaches» for fifteen years in a row.

Marking the beach in Alizés »Blue Flag» the award is for the efforts of several participants involved in pilot activities regarding the quality of water for bathing, information, awareness and education for environmental protection, hygiene and security, as well as development and management of beaches.

On this occasion, the Blue Flag raising ceremony confirms the beach marking in Essaouira »Blue Flag» for 2019, was organized in the presence of Essaouira-Mogador, André Azoulay, Essaouira's governor, Adil El Maliki, Head of Foreign Service, Local Election Representatives, Civil Society Actors, Members of Delegation of Elected African Representatives to Visit Essaouira, as well as other people.

As a reminder, a tag »Blue Flag», which was introduced in Morocco by the Environmental Protection Foundation Muhamed VI in 2002, is an integral part of the program."Clean beaches"& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; whose goal is to &

In a talk about the circumstances, the president of the Essaouira municipal council, Hicham Jambar, congratulated the various actors to preserve this difference, noting that it is certainly honorable, but also responsible, since it is necessary to adopt all measures that will probably meet a certain number of specific criteria.

What is most striking this year is the new way of managing Essaouira beach, as it continued with the adoption of a series of organizational, technical, technological and integrated security measures, in addition to establishing a complete animation program, in consultation with all stakeholders, including local authoritiesSaid Jebbari.

Commitment of the municipal council

At the same time, he repeated the commitment of the Essaouira municipal council, through its various components, to assume full responsibility for the overall management of beaches, which is within its territorial scope, particularly in terms of maintenance, hygiene, equipment, safety, training, awareness and accessibility.

In a similar address on behalf of the civil society of Souirie, the emphasis is placed on the importance of this marking, which is the highlight of the effort being taken on the ground with the aim of raising the quality of Essaouira and preserving its purity and hygiene by providing all the equipment and structures to ensure security and the benefit of the summer visitors.

"Since 2005, the city of Essaouira has been able to fulfill its commitments and fulfill its tasks in terms of valorisation, maintenance and development of its coast, and thanks to a combination of effort, joint action and involvement of all partners and stakeholders, including the National Port Agency (ANP) City Council, Civil Protection, Security Services and Civil Society Organizers ", we'll add.

Thanks to these efforts, the city of Essaouira was able to promote and develop the benefits of its beach as well as its assets to provide all visitors with comfort, which is the guarantee of the sustainability of the achieved results as well as the acquired, welcomed, pointing out that all measures taken in the EU context. t "Clean beaches" make the beach Essaouira the right place for attractiveness and leisure.

After that, members of the official delegation visited the area dedicated to people with special needs before they followed the simulation exercise of the rescue intervention of the drowned summit, led by the Civil Protection elements.

Environmental awareness

They also learned of the variety of equipment and materials mobilized on site for carrying out beach cleaning activities, as well as various activities of recreational and ecological awareness within the national program. "Clean beaches".

The official delegations also provided explanations on the various areas that developed in the wreath, including "Green Library" he intended to host ecological awareness and educational activities, as well as many missions and actions led by the ANP since 2004 on the beach of Essaouira with the help of several other partners.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates of merit were given as well as presents to several local associations and young students for their commitment to preserving the cleanliness of the beach and protecting the environment. hail.

The ceremony included several activities, including musical performances by local Gnaou and Issaou troops, demonstrations of martial arts and swords, as well as a theatrical performance titled "& # 39; Environmental Criminal Procedure & # 39;interpreted the young students from Sousir.

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