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From Hassan II to Mohammed VI, train destination to Agadir

In the quest for a bridge between north and south by King Mohammed VI, the Souss-Massa region took a special place in the last royal speech delivered on the occasion of the Green March anniversary. The king called for the revival of infrastructure for Agadir and its environs, with the re-emergence of the Arlesians: connect the seaside resort to your tourist rival, Marrakech, by train.

Mehdi Mahmud

CIs the term regularly used by Moroccan authorities when it comes to putting the focus on development: "locomotive development". From November 6, the day of remembrance of the 44the Anniversary of the Green March, that phrase will never so much fit into the Souss-Massa region that the king wanted in the new economic center for the kingdom.

A geographically central place that will need to unite efforts to make Agadir and his region the gateway to the southern provinces, still isolated but also to the rest of the continent Morocco wants to reach.

If you jump into the right development wagon, it will put the region on the right track. "We call for serious consideration to establish a rail link between Marrakech and Agadir", Mohammed VI proclaimed, calling for the development of the region, before considering further"prospect of further expansion to other southern provinces". One way, after March 1975, to reunite the kingdom, this time with rail links. Long forgotten and suddenly reappeared …

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