Saturday , June 19 2021

Gad Elmaleh: His son Noah was well-rounded to celebrate his 18th birthday

On October 1 Noé Elmaleh, son of Gad, celebrated his 18th birthday at the luxurious Parisian restaurant. On the Instagram, the comedian has split the spit in the evening, and we can say that his son is well-rounded!

We know Gad Elmaleh is a very proud father. And once more, he proved this by organizing an evening gathering his entire family to celebrate 18 years of his son, Noah Elmaleh. Arié and Judith, actresses' brothers and sisters, were also present with Anne-Sophie Aparis, his journalist. Everyone on Instagram has had fun publishing many memories on that evening. Commenting on the photo we see him with his son, Gad Elmaleh reminded him that he was proud of him: "18 years old, you celebrate tonight, Noah Elmaleh, I'm proud of you and I love you, and I'm back," he writes.

On her side, Judith Elmaleh shared a photograph in which she was accompanied by her two brothers, who wrote a sober "fraternity". "

Finally, Anne-Sophie Aparis, very close to the family, shared several photos suggesting that the atmosphere was at the meeting. We have only three words to say: "Happy Birthday Noah!"

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