Wednesday , July 28 2021

H & M x Moschino: 10 pieces of favorite quicko shop! : Current woman MAG

It's here collage mode long waiting every year. From tomorrow, the Italian brand will offer nuggets with the Swedish divide. They are here must have urgently buy!

We found the first looks like Collaborator H & M x Moschino a few weeks ago. today find out what's going to buy tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 8th, in the H & M store selection, and at 10 am on the eshop.

For this 14 years of cooperation, the Swedish giant set a great deal with the Italian fashion house Moschino led by Mr. Jeremy Scott, who said: "Collection MOSCHINO [tv] H & M is a gift to my fans and I wanted to offer them more parts of MOSCHINO than ever before. I tried to put all the ingredients that make up my signature: cartoons, streetwear and some bling-bling inspired by the hip-hop movement to create the look 100% MOSCHINO "Therefore, the artistic director remained faithful to his universe offset full of good humor and optimism to offer us a capsule remiers humor with glamor.

On the menu, rooms collector for men and women and even for our dog friends! More serious about us, bling jewels but still chic, of gold do you want here, by thigh rock, glam skin, biker jacket and chain shoes, from denim jacket short but too hot. more streetwear, from Hoodies from Mickey and Minnie, T-shirts and other printed jogging boards for just display fun.

In short, it is worth looking at, proof for 10 s our favorite selection of H & M x Moschino Buy as soon as possible if you want to be served! I sad … "Beat you"as my friends Brigitte would say!

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