Monday , July 26 2021

Higher Education: A minister and 42 Belgian academic leaders are expected in Morocco

Morocco – The Minister of Higher Education in Wallonia and the Brussels Association Jean-Claude Marcourt will fly to a delegation of not less than 42 academic leaders from universities, faculties and universities in the arts on Wednesday for a three-day mission in Rabat (Morocco).

This delegation will take part in the first Academic Forum between Morocco and Walloon and Brussels. Under the title "Innovative Partnership Perspective", the event is jointly organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and the General Delegation of Wallonia and Brussels, in co-operation with the Conference of the President of the University of Morocco (CPU) and the Academy of Research and Higher Education of the FBiH (ARES).

"This first academic forum aims to provide a framework for structured dialogue between all the actors of higher education and research in Morocco and the FWB to discuss the prospects for academic and scientific co-operation," according to Marcourt's statement.

During his stay, he meets with his Moroccan counterpart Saïd Amazazi. During his stay, Marcourt will also visit the first marshan public center of the Prostitute Medical Assistance (PMA) placed at the Orangers' maternity clinic in Rabat, the fruit of a project of co-operation between the Mohammed V University in Rabat and the Free University of Brussels (ULB) with Belgian financial resources.

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