Sunday , January 24 2021

In Libya, people with AIDS no longer have access to medicine

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In Libya, access to health care is a real obstacle for the sick, especially as the country faces a serious shortage of medicines. Because the priority is to fight Covid-19. However, these problems have existed before, according to Libyans with HIV. Report of our correspondent Moaz Al-Sheik.

Fighting Covid-19, first: this principle complicates the approach to caring for AIDS patients in Libya due to lack of drugs and medical care.

“We really have trouble getting medicines for the sick, even if the center has taken all possible measures to introduce such treatments,” said Dalia Shaiboub, head of the AIDS department.

But many patients claim that these problems have existed before. “There are no more medications for four months! How do children or pregnant women who need them every day do it? Because this disease lives with us,” the patient explains.

“I haven’t been treated for four months and there is no one to talk to! The biggest problem is that the drugs in the pharmacy are very expensive. I can’t afford the amount this month, nor next month,” the other was indignant.

According to the National Center for Disease Control, the number of new infections in the country exceeds 400 in 2019.

A number that remains an estimate because many patients, feeling stigmatized and discriminated against, avoid going to the hospital for treatment. “We have no rights in Libyan society, we have no right to work or treatment, there is really nothing,” he angered the AIDS patient.

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